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Basic-grammar-in-use-by-Murphy     Intermediate-grammar-in-use-by-Murphy

Dear All,
I have come worked with many books in ESL. However, there are two that, in my view, deserve respect in many aspects, such as clarity of explanations, brevity, amount of the material they cover, and the quality of exercises they contain. These books are also good for both work under supervision of an instructor and independent studying since they have the keys to the exercises and learners can check their answers:
1) Murphy, R. Basic Grammar in Use Student’s Book with Answers – English for North America and
2) Murphy, R. Grammar in Use Intermediate Student’s Book with Answers – English for North America.
The books are focused on grammar and can be used as supplementary materials in a course or for individual (tutor) classes.

Here is the way in which my students worked with the books:
a) read and understand the rules on the left;
b) do the exercises on the right (go back to the rules, if necessary);
c) as soon as you finish all the exercises in the unit, check your answers with the keys at the back of the book;
d) if you have one or two mistakes, continue with the next unit, if there are three or more mistakes, go back and redo the unit.

Hope, this helps,

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