Speckie: spell check for Internet Explorer

Spelling-check-for-internet-explorerWriting with correct spelling in any language is important because when people see our writing which is without errors they tend to form more positive attitude to the author, at least they may think that this person is well educated and attentive. With so much writing occurring online, it is important to be able to write with correct spelling online (e.g. in emails, blog comments, online forms). Such powerful browsers as Firefox and Chrome provide their own spell checking options which are available in the form of add-ons. The situation with Internet Explorer is more difficult since this is a commercial product and it is more difficult to find add-ons for it. However, many people still use Internet Explorer because it is believed to be better protected than some other browsers or because people are used to this browser. If you use Internet Explorer and would like to have have your spelling checked anyways, you can use the following add-on:

Speckie (http://www.speckie.com/)

This is a free add-on for Internet Explorer. It has many dictionaries (language options), including:
– Arabic;
– English;
– French;
– German;
– Hebrew;
– Russian;
– Spanish; and
– Ukrainian.

This add-on may be of use to both students learning a foreign language and native speakers of a languages. I hope that this information will help you improve your writing online!

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