Nutritional Anthropology book

Nutritional-Anthropology-by-Dufour-Goodman-PeltoDear All,
In scholarly discourse, including intercultural communication, the question of nutrition seems to be growing in importance which reflects people’s increasing awareness of health issues and environmental concerns. In their recent book entitled “Nutritional anthropology: biocultural perspectives on food and nutrition”, Dufour, Goodman, and Pelto compiled a collection of 55 essays. The essays explore the topic from the anthropological perspective. This book covers a wide array of issues such as malnutrition, fast food, adaptation, and dieting. In addition to bringing to light the existing issues, the editors tried to address them by including essays which suggest some possible solutions. As a point for further improvement of the book, I would like to see more discussion on both global and local nutrition issues such as the use and consumption of GMO (genetically modified organisms), university students’ nutrition and health, and baby food quality (the last topic is partially covered in the book). Moreover, although the book offers a thorough discussion of certain topics, it would be beneficial to supplement it with an equally thorough overview of the field.

Dufour, D. L., Goodman, A. H., & Pelto, G. H. (Eds.)  (2013). Nutritional anthropology: biocultural perspectives on food and nutrition (2nd ed.). New York : Oxford University Press.


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