VOA (Voice of America): Wordmaster

Radio-podcastsDear All,
If you are looking for a way to improve your English, these VOA podcasts may be of help:

Wordmaster (http://learningenglish.voanews.com/archive/learningenglish-home-wordmaster/3/970/970.html)

These short audio recordings last for only a few minutes, but the are posted along with transcripts which makes it easier for ESL students (or instructors) to check their listening comprehension of the material. Moreover, the podcasts are devoted to various linguistic, cultural and ESL topics. This makes listening not only useful from the point of view of developing listening skills, but also from the point of view of learning some linguistic concepts (e.g. “paraphrasing”, “slang”) or some effective ESL skills (e.g. summarizing, paraphrasing).

These podcasts can be incorporated into ESL classes or used by ESL learners on their own as an additional resource for improving their listening skills.


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