Introduction to linguistics and general linguistics (in Ukrainian)

Vstup-do-movoznavstva-by-Kocherhan              Zahal'ne-movoznavstvo-by-Kocherhan

Dear All,
Today I would like to share with you information on two of the best books in modern linguistics. They are both written by the same author, M.P. Kocherhan. The books are in Ukrainian; my apologies to those who do not read Ukrainian.

The first book is entitled “Introduction to linguistics“. It consists of 5 chapters: 1. General questions of linguistics; 2. Phonetics and graphics; 3. Lexicology and phraseology; 4. Grammar; 5. Language typology. The book explores such key topics in linguistics as development of linguistics, origins of language, various approaches to the classification of languages, sign systems, origins and development of writing, and others. This book may be of use to students who are taking a course in linguistics and would like to have an additional source with concise explanations of various linguistic terms. Instructors may also find it helpful as the main or an additional material in their introductory courses in linguistics.

The second book is entitled “General linguistics“. It consists of four chapters: 1. Linguistics as a science. General linguistics as a discipline; 2. History of linguistics; 3. Theory of language; 4. Linguistic methods. This book covers quite extensively such topics as the subject, objectives, and place of general linguistics in the system of sciences about language, connections between language and thought, correlation between language and speech, and others. The historical perspective on linguistics is provided from the earliest available information on the science and its parent discipline to the present day. This book may be of use to students who take advanced courses in general linguistics or instructors who teach such courses as well as some of the aspects related to general linguistics which are highlighted in the book.

It is worth mentioning that both books are written in an accessible language and, thus, explain some complex linguistic phenomena in a clear manner. Therefore, not only students majoring in linguistics, but also other people who come from different fields and disciplines may find it quite digestible. Instructors in those courses which favour the practical approach may consider supplementing the books with additional materials providing examples and recommendations on how students can conduct linguistic research on their own.

Kocherhan, M.P. (2006). Vstup do movoznavstva (2nd ed.). Kyiv: Academiia.
Kocherhan, M.P. (2010). Zahal’ne movoznavstvo (3rd ed.). Kyiv: Academiia.


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