Flags: Ukraine


Sky-and-wheatDear All,

When we travel to different countries it is sometimes difficult to find something to speak about with the local people. One of the things that attracts my attention and seems to be an interesting to discuss is the meaning behind the national flag. On BLOG|ON|LINGUISTICS, I am going to start with two flags and their meanings. This post concentrates on the national flag of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian official flag consists of two horizontal equal stripes, blue (top) and yellow (bottom). The blue stands for the sky and the yellow for wheat. Ukraine is one of the biggest producers of wheat in the world. Wheat is one of the most important grains in the country. It is used mostly for cooking different varieties of pasta and baking bread or pastries. Bread is a very important attribute of any meal. It is eaten with soups, salads, cheese, and meat.

Different varieties of blue and yellow are used for the Ukrainian flag. Although the constitution prescribes that the colours should be “blue” and “yellow”, light/dark blue and yellow are used sometimes. This variation in colour does not affect the meaning of the flag. Some flags are said to consist of “gold” colour. However, Ukrainians simply call it “yellow” when they speak about their flag.

I hope that this post has may be of use to those who travel to Ukraine or anybody wishing to learn more about world flags and what they can tell about a culture. The next post discusses the meaning of the Canadian flag.


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