Original coinages

Dear All,
I am fond of words which are coined in an original way. I find particularly interesting those coinages which have a simple form (easy to understand) and at the same time express the meaning concisely. In this post, I am going to look at such words:


# Coinages Basis for the coinages Explanations
1 treesponsible
(Fr.: responarbre)
tree + responsible
(Fr.: responsible + arbre)
this word was on a box with facial tissues. In order to underline that the product is made from tree-friendly materials the word above was coined
2 aristocat aristocrat + cat a cartoon about cats
3 Addition Elle (Fr.) literally “Edition She”, the pronunciation of this word combination is identical to the French word “addtionnel” (additional) fashionable clothes
4 supperb supper + superb food industry
5 xcell similar to a) XL, b) excel c) X sel (the French word for “salt”) this words comes from a big grinder filled with coarse (XL?) salt
6 Response Ability responsibility this is a part of the name of an organization that provides training (response ability) for parents with children who face challenges in their life
7 Tail Blazers TAIL as trail blazers this is the name of a health food store for pets
8 berrilicious
(Fr. baielicieuses)
berry + delicious
(Fr. baie + délicieuses)
fruit nuggets
9 Ladies and gentlefish! gentlemen + fish a funny address to audience in a cartoon about fish
10 Centsibles cent + sensible (goods) sensible to cents, i.e. economical
11 PetSmart pet + smart
pet’s + mart
a store (market) for animals
12 Taleblazer TALE as trail blazers a book society
13 approvedutly approved + absolutely a credit society ad in which easy approvals are advertised
14 approvederful approved + wonderful a credit society ad in which easy approvals are advertised
15 crabing
carbohydrate + craving a comment to a video about healthy eating
16 fooducate
food + educate the name of a blog on food education
17 lightitude
light + altitude the name of a lighting company
18 sandwish
sandwich + wish advertising from a sandwich retailer
19 voluntold
volunteered + told a joke hinting at the fact that sometimes volunteering is required
20 ahhhmazing
ah + amazing advertisement about bulk foods
21 springtastic
spring + fantastic personal hygiene product advertisement
22 Guns N Hoses
Guns N Roses inscription on a car performing roofing services
23 staycation
staying (at home/ in town) + vacation from a conversation between coworkers
24 automagically
automatically+magically from social media
25 café diem
carpe diem (Lat. ‘catch the day on a coffee shop website
26 Metropawlitan
metropolitan + paw animal services

Phrases can also be coined in an original way:

# Coinages Basis for the coinages Explanations
1 have an ice day have a nice day this phrase was on a car of an ice company
2 raise the steaks raise the stakes on the menu in a restaurant
3 IT’S NO BIG DILL(and an image of pickled cucumbers) It’s no big deal on the website of a grocery store when a page is not found
4 YOU BUTTER TRY ANOTHER URL (and an image of butter) You’d better try on the website of a grocery store when a page is not found
5 I DON’T WANT TO TACO ‘BOUT IT! (and an image of a taco) You’d better try on the website of a grocery store when a page is not found

As I find new originally coined words, I intend to add them to this post. If you have come across such coinages, you are very welcome to share them in a comment to this post. Thanks!


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