Similar flags

Dear All,
This post looks into some similar flags of the world. Some of the flags are less similar than others. At the same time it may be interesting to compare them and in this way to avoid confusion. The flags below are posted in the alphabetical order.

Australian – New Zealand:

Australia New_Zealand

Bangladeshi – Japanese – Palauan:

Bangladesh Japan Palau

Belgian – German:

Belgium Germany

Bolivian – Ghanaian – Lithuanian:

Bolivia Ghana Lithuania

Bulgarian – Hungarian – Iranian – Kuwaiti:

Bulgaria Hungary Iran Kuwait

Cameroonian – Guinean – Malian – Senegalese:

Cameroon Guinea Mali Senegal

Colombian – Ecuadorian:

Colombia Ecuador

Costa Rican – Thai:

Costa_Rica Thailand

Ivorian – Irish – Italian – Mexican:

Côte_d'Ivoire Ireland Italy Mexico

Egyptian – Iraqi – Yemeni:

Egypt Iraq Yemen

Finish – Swedish:

Finland Sweden

French – Luxembourg – Dutch – Paraguayan – Russian – Serbian and Montenegrin:

France Luxembourg Netherlands

Paraguay Russian_Federation Serbia_and_Montenegro

Icelandic – Norwegian:

Iceland  Norway

Indonesian – Polish – Singaporean:

Indonesia Poland Singapore

Liberian – Malaysian – American:

Liberia Malaysia United_States_of_America

Slovak – Slovenian:

Slovakia Slovenia

Somali – Vietnamese:

Somalia Vietnam



  1. But here’s the burning question: WHY are so many flags so similar?

    • Anita,
      Thank you for this excellent question. Some flags are similar because of the historical and/or cultural ties between the countries. For example, Australia and New Zealand are members of The Commonwealth and historically have connections with the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Therefore, it is not surprising that one can see the Union Jack in the left upper corner of these two flags.

      As for other flags, the similarity can be explained by the similarity in symbolism. For example, the red disc on flag of Bangladesh and on the flag of Japan represents the sun.

      At the same time the similarities between some flags cannot be explained by these two reasons only and, for instanace, some flags which have similar colours on them may have quite different meaning associated with those colours due to the cultural and/or historical reasons.

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