The Canadian Encyclopedia

“If culture is in fact the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves,
The Canadian Encyclopedia will strive to be the most comprehensive
collection of Canadian Stories online” (TCE, 2015).


Dear All,
Today I would like to share with you a unique Web resource for people who are interested in Canadian culture. This is a free online encyclopedia which is located at:

The advantages of this encyclopedia are that it is:
a) free and available online – any Web user can access the information;
b) bilingual (English and French) – both English and French speakers can use it;
c) updated monthly – recent information is added regularly;
d) reviewed by specialists – unlike Wikipedia which can be edited by anyone, the Canadian Encyclopedia has a special review process; thus, unlike Wikipedia this resource can be used in a research article, university projects, theses, etc.;
e) concise with articles on Canadian science, history, music, etc. – a brief article may suffice to explain a notion or an event in history;
f) supplemented with 30,000 multimedia items including images, maps, games, audio and video – this makes the learning process easier and more efficient.

The major disadvantage of the encyclopedia is that it is brief (as most encyclopedias are) which means that certain information is inevitably omitted. Therefore, it may be insufficient to rely on this resource as a sole source of information to study a question in detail.

Overall, The Canadian Encyclopedia is a good resource on Canadian culture in its broad meaning. The encyclopedia can be used as a quick reference or an initial point of study.

The Canadian Encyclopedia [TCE] (2015). About The Canadian Encyclopedia. Retrieved April 18, 2015 from


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