Giving flowers across cultures

DaisyDear All,
Flowers are considered to be an excellent gift in many cultures across the globe. However, there are certain cultural differences as to what flower gifts are appropriate and which ones are not. Below are several of them:

1) In Belarus, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine odd number of flowers are presented to living people and even number of flowers are brought to commemorate people who passed away. This does not apply to bouquets in which the number of flowers is usually not counted.

2) 13 flowers in Peru are avoided due to bad associations with the number.

3) White flowers or flower wrapping would be inappropriate for living people because the white colour is associated with death in Japan.

4) Red roses as a gift are appropriate for romance purposes only in Germany.

5) Yellow flowers are associated with death, sorrow, and separation in Mexico and Russia.

6) Red flowers are believed to bring bad luck in Mexico

7) Marigolds are used to decorate cemeteries in Mexico.

What cultural differences do you know pertaining to flower gifting in different countries and places? Please share by adding a comment to this post, thanks!


  1. Marigolds have the same meaning in Vietnam (comparing to Mexico).

  2. Luana

    In Italy people give red roses as well as in Germany and chrysanths are the flowers of the dead.

  3. Great information Luana..I will start giving flowers from today…


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