Technique to advance education

Nothing so furthers education as loving and being loved (St. John Crysostom).

Dear All,
Have you ever taught to a big class of students? Have you managed to show your appreciation to each of them? Impossible? Well, that’s the art of teaching.

There are many techniques to advance education. Audio-visual aids, for example, is one of my favourite ones. I like short videos to the point on the subject matter in question or a related diagram. They can express so much in so little time. Plus since they are visual, the visual memory is also activated contributing to better dynamics of learning let alone the interest that these audio-visual aids trigger in students. However, all this and other useful techniques are of little use if the instructor does encourage his/her students to learn, does not show appreciation of the students, and does not take interest in what s/he is teaching.

The quote above by St. John Chrysostom summarizes this important technique. Do you remember some of your best classes? What do they all have in common? As for me, my best classes were those which I taught with enthusiasm, appreciating my students, and transferring my interest in the subject matter to them.

Similar: Nine tenths of education is encouragement.


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