Competence, health, and decisions

Video credit: The Globe and Mail, “Chris Hadfield’s three tips for success” October 24, 2013, via YouTube.

Dear All,
The video above is about Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut and Commander (Expedition 35) of International Space Station. I am posting this video on the blog because an important question is asked and Chris Hadfield has given an interesting answer.

Specifically, Chris Hadfield is asked to share his experience and to give some advice for success. In brief, the answer consists of three parts:
1) competence* to be able to perform your work (or study) well and to grow in your own field;
2) health which presupposes physical exercises and healthy eating; and
3) decision making, a skill which can be developed by practising.

This advice is applicable to the sphere of education. If one wants to succeed at a university all these things are important. There may be a “temptation” to skip exercises or self-education or even decision making due to responsibilities at the university and the amount of materials to learn there, but these three things are in fact just as important to succeed as preparing for day-to-day classes.

Therefore, I wish to extend this advice to aspiring students, future professors, and professionals. Education, health, and decision making skills are indispensable in academia and can take you to space!

* In another video from space, Chris Hadfield mentions “education” as the first tip and more specifically the “desire to know new things”, in other words, it is importance to be willing to learn things on your own, beyond school and academia.


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