We are what we repeatedly do

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit (Aristotle).

Dear All,
Have you ever seen and marvelled at a person performing breakdancing: hand hops, head spins, crickets, windmills, flares, air tracks, turtles, hand glides, halos, elbow spins, etc.? I totally enjoy watching people showing this art. Interestingly, they also started somewhere and came a long way from being unable to perform relatively simple moves to executing most sophisticated elements because they practised.

The same thing is true about education. The quote above is reminder about this – we achieve things (including excellence in education) by practising them. Do you want to succeed in education or even earn a PhD? Yes, you can do this. Make your studying a habit, just as sportsmen (or breakdancers) do. If people can learn to do hand hops by practising, then you can earn your degree by practicing too. Just as breakdancers work with their muscles, work with your head. Add flexible, be wise, be careful, be bold, do things with love. Good luck!

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