URL (link) shortener

Google-URL-shortenerDear All,
Have you ever tried to copy a link to share with your students, colleagues or fellow students and the link takes half a page with a lot of strange symbols? It may still work well if you send it electronically, but what if you want to print it and to include in a syllabus or other educational materials?

Luckily, there is a reasonable solution – a URL (Uniform Resource Locator, i.e. a link) shortener, a Web application which allows entering a long link (a) and getting back a short one (b). It is possible then to share link b with other people. This link b works in exactly the same way as link a directing people to the same Web resource.

The URL shortener in the image above is Google URL shortener (there are a lot of others on the Web). Here is the link to it:

How does it work? Just copy the link you want to shorten, paste it in the provided space, and get it shortened. Copy it and share with the people you want electronically or use it on printed materials. If you have a Google account the links you shortened in the past are displayed in your history on the Google URL shortener page. If you remove (hide) your shortened links from your history, they are removed from the list, but continue existing and people are still able to use them (as long as the original Web resource [i.e. the long link] exists).


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