Linguistic humour

Friedrich von Schlegel, quote.pngDear All,
The quote above by Friedrich von Schlegel calls upon bringing together the world of science and humanities. Indeed, some of the greatest discoveries were made at the intersection of disciplines. For example, radio galaxies were found through the combined analysis of radio and optical data.

What can unite sciences and humanities? The answer is: hard work, perseverance, and … humour. It is certainly important to maintain excellence in research through hard work and perseverance, but sometimes it is also important to distance oneself from research and to smile. This helps to see the whole picture better in addition to particular details and thus, to advance research and to make it even more successful.

Below are a few linguistic jokes. If you know more linguistic jokes, please share them in the comments to this post. Thank you!

You are tense, moody, irregular? You must be a verb (Linguist Llama Blog, 2015)!

Do not touch morpheme with bare hands. Risk of inflection (Linguist Llama Blog, 2015).

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus (OD, 2016)!

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  1. Dr. Smith: Put aside the test-tube.
    Dr. White: Ok.
    Dr. Smith: Prepare the electrolyte.
    Dr. White: K.
    Dr. Smith: Then add the electrolyte into the test-tube.
    Dr. White: Potassium.
    Dr. Smith: How is potassium related???
    Dr. White: “K”.

  2. Saint Nicholas: HO-HO-HO!
    Scientist: Holmium (Ho), a chemical element with atomic number 67.

  3. Ted: Hey John!
    John: Helium (He) + Yttrium (Y). Hi Ted!
    Ted: Hydrogen iodide (HI) John!

  4. A real-life anecdote: a famous musician has a T-shirt with the following inscription: “Education is important, but playing guitar is importanter”.

  5. 1) A message on the website of a grocery store: “Sorry this page doesn’t exist! You butter try another URL!” (and an image of butter is displayed).
    2) Same website: “Sorry this page doesn’t exist! I don’t want to taco ’bout it!” (and an image of a taco is displayed).
    3) Same website: “Sorry this page doesn’t exist! It’s no big dill!” (and an image of pickled cucumbers is displayed).

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