Brain consumes 20% of energy

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Did you know that our brain consumes about 20% of our energy intake?
So, if the brain consumes 20% of all our energy (Scientific American, 2016), what are some of the implications of this fact? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the fuel: how do we fuel the brain? You may have heard about diesel and gasoline types of engines: if you drive a car you do not want to add diesel to your gasoline engine and vice versa. Moreover, to ensure that your car engine works well, it requires only a certain type of engine oil. Similar with brain: to ensure that it works and copes with all the tasks (both intellectual and physical) you want to fuel it with proper nourishment. This includes fresh air, sufficient water, and vitamins which come from fresh fruits and vegetables. Another thing is that, as any engine, our brain needs rest to maintain its high performance. That includes sleeping besides other relaxing activities.

In short, take care of your brain and it will reward you with high performance in studies and other activities.

Scienttific American (2016). Retrieved January 10, 2016 from,

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