Hide not your talents

Hide not your talents, they for use were made, what good is a sundial in the shade (Franklin)?

Dear All,
Each of us has a talent or a set of talents. The quote above by Franklin underlines the importance of using our talents. This is perfectly applicable in the the sphere of education.

Do you speak foreign languages and enjoy using them? How about you try to obtain a degree in this craft?

You like Math, but study art at the university? How about you bring some Math in your study of arts (e.g. use a formula/graphic/numbers to create a beautiful piece of art)? Didn’t you know that some of the best discoveries are found on the intersection of disciplines?

You enjoy cooking and are studying for a degree? Well, use your talent to nourish your brain and to keep your body healthy. This will, in turn, pay off in a positive way with regard to your studies.

Whatever you do in life, there is always space to apply your talent either directly or indirectly. Hide not your talents, use them.

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  1. Very good advice. Thanks for sharing.

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