Set aside mornings for work

A person who has not done one half his day’s work by ten o’clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone (Emily Bronte).

Dear All,
The quote about by English novelist and poet Emily Bronte points at the importance of fulfilling the duties as early during the day as possible. In my opinion and from my experience, this is important because the more the day is advanced in time, the more tired we are. When we are tired, we are less likely to finish our set tasks effectively. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to tackle tasks early.

I believe that this approach is applicable to education and research. If I start the day with checking my emails, for instance, instead of conducting research straight away, I end up falling behind with research. Emails and other minor matters are worth attending to as well, but as a rule, they should not be the priority.

What did I do to avoid distraction by details? When I was conducting important research, I set certain periods of time during the day when I turned off my internet connection and even phone. At least three hours were devoted to research. The result – success in research and yet all caught up with other minor matters including emails.

I have shared my experience hoping that it may be of help to somebody else. Each individual has his/her own situation and needs to choose what works best for him/her. The two biggest points here are
1) When you study or conduct research, avoid being distracted by minor matters.
2) Devote your morning (the time when you are still fresh) to the most important things.

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