Pascha: Date

Dear All,
Have you ever wondered why Pascha (Easter) is celebrated each year on a different day? Why it is always celebrated on Sunday and is referred to as “the Feast of Feasts”? This post focuses on these questions above.

To clarify, how exactly the date for celebrating Pascha is defined each year I decided to go ad fontes (i.e. to the sources) and asked an Orthodox priest. According to him, “Holy Pascha is celebrated on the 1st Sunday, after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox but not together with the Jews (Canon Law).

Indeed, Pascha is always celebrated on Sunday. The reason for this is that Jesus Christ rose on the third day after His crucifixion (Friday) – that is on Sunday. Interestingly, the Russian word for Sunday is “воскресенье” (resurrection).

In the Orthodox Church there are twelve Great Feasts that are celebrated in a special way during the year. Interestingly, Pascha is not among these Feasts because it stands above them all. This is why Pascha is referred to as “the Feast of Feasts”.


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