Studying/teaching Ukrainian: Conjugations

ConjugationImage credit: the image above is a screenshot of the website discussed in this post. Accessed May 19, 2016 from

Dear All:
This post provides a link to a valuable free online resource for learners, teachers, and speakers of Ukrainian who want to improve learning/teaching and speaking.

Grammar is one of the most difficult aspects of the Ukrainian language. In fact, one can learn how to read in Ukrainian just in 45 minutes (without any prior knowledge of Ukrainian), but using grammar to speak and write in Ukrainian requires more effort. This is explicated by the fact that Ukrainian has relatively complex system of grammatical cases: there are seven cases, the category of number (singular/ plural), and gender (masculine, feminine, and neuter). Combined together these grammatical categories yield about 42 (7 cases * 2 numbers * 3 genders) possible endings of a noun.

To help learners, instructors, and users of the language to speak more correctly in grammatical terms, the following website has been created:

This website allows users to enter a dictionary form of a word (e.g. мама) and get all the possible forms of this word (i.e. its conjugation). Besides nouns, this website also provides similar help with verbs and other parts of speech. Verbs, for instance, are conjugated according to the tense, the person, the mood (active, imperative) and other forms.

In addition to conjugations, each word (including the conjugated forms) contains accents, a feature which is of use to both beginner learners and speakers of Ukrainian to improve their language skills.

In brief, this post has provided a link to a website which helps to conjugate words and to check the correct accents in words and can be of help to learners, teachers, and speakers of Ukrainian.

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