Canada Day – Fête du Canada

Barrie_Canada_Day_Fireworks.pngDear All,
July 1 is Canada Day (Fête du Canada). This posts discusses briefly the history of this day, its importance, and associated traditions.

On July 1, 1867 “The British North America Act (today known as the Constitution Act, 1867) created Canada” (Canada Day, 2016). Following this, on June 20, 1868 the Governor General signed a proclamation that requested people across Canada to celebrate July 1, however, this was not yet a holiday. Only in 1879 a federal law made July 1 a statutory holiday known then as the “anniversary of Confederation.” This name was later changed to “Dominion Day.” Finally, on October 27, 1982 “Dominion Day” became known as “Canada Day”.

The importance of this day together with Constitution Act, 1982 for Canadians and Canada is great. While the former (July 1) united the nation, the latter established its independence.

Today people across Canada and Canadians abroad celebrate the day with different kinds of festivities such as special events in parks, barbecues, family reunions, fireworks, and free musical concerts. Canada Day is a statuary holiday in Canada meaning that people have a day off. If this day falls on Sunday (or Saturday in most cases), next Monday is a day off instead.

If you ever chance to be in Canada on July 1, do consider visiting the capital to enjoy various events, to meet people, and to enjoy beautiful fireworks.

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day (2014). Retrieved July 3, 2016, from

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