Economic – economical


Dear All,
When we learn a foreign language, sometimes it is a small difference that can confuse us. This post discusses the differences in meaning between the words “economic” and “economical” to help learners of English to differentiate easily between these words and to use them correctly.

Economic means related to the financial industry or science studying financial processes.

Here are several sentences in which this word is used:
Helen, would you like to listen to recent economic news on the radio with me?
Economic analysis of the budget for this year has revealed that the economy of this country is steadily growing.
The auditing of this company has shown that the company is well managed financially and is in an excellent economic state.

Economical means thrifty; spending little money or other resources (e.g. gasoline).

Below are several sentences in which this word is used:
Ben, you are so lucky, your wife is an excellent hostess and is also economical.
This worker is very economical with materials and yet produces 10 beautiful vases a day.
This car is very economical – it only consumes 4.5L/100km on a highway.
Modern washing machines are very economical – they consume relatively little electricity.

I hope this this post may be of help to learners of English and to ESL instructors as an aid to help their students to differentiate and use correctly the words “economic” and “economical”.

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