It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child.

Dear All,
The proverb above concerns upbringing of a child and means that in order to raise a child properly, it is necessary to apply efforts of many people. This proverb is also applicable to research, particularly to writing a dissertation.

In order to write a proper dissertation, it is necessary to consult several people (e.g. family and supervisors), to address to multiple departments (e.g. IT, Advanced Education, Graduate Studies, etc.), to search more than one library, and, often, to use various research methodologies to highlight the research topic profoundly. Above all, it takes a lot of patience, just as it takes to raise a child. In other words, writing a dissertation is like raising a child and involves communicating with multiple people and using numerous resources.

Therefore, the proverb above can be turned into “It takes a university to write a dissertation”.


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