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Water is one of the resources that is often overlooked in western mass culture simply due to its … cheapness. However, unlike other more costly resources,  water is the resource which has a direct impact on our ability to learn, to teach, to conduct research, and to be healthy.

The video below brings to attention some of the fascinating facts about water and how it can influence our health and therefore our ability to study. I have listed these facts and put in italics the ones which are of particular interest to me:

25) Insufficient water is the primary reason for fatigue.

24) Percentage of water (in relation to the overall body weight) is higher in men than in women.

23) Some “food” craving can be eliminated by a glass of water when our body really needs some hydration rather than food.

22) We lose over a cup of water through breathing every day.

21) We lose about 6 glasses of water in a flight that lasts 3 hours.

20) Water takes toxins out of body which helps to prevent heart disease and cancer.

19) Water helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

18) Even a two-percent dehydration can lead to the decrease in efficiency of short-term memory, ability to solve mathematical problems, and ability to concentrate.

17) Water serves as a protective layer in different parts of the body such as eyes, spinal cord, and amniotic sac.

16) Too much water within a short period of time can cause serious health issues and even death.

15) Water is important in moving blood plasma, which in turn, move antibodies in the body.

14) Bones in our bodies consist of about 22% of water. Muscles consist of approximately 75% of water.

13) Adults lose about 10-13 cups of water daily. Exercising and other conditions cause us to lose even more water.

12) A human body consists of about 70% of water (this depends on the age – the younger a person is, the higher is the percentage of water in the body).

11) Sufficient water consumption can prevent or lessen pain from arthritis.

10) Pregnant women gain as much baby weight as water weight.

9) Nursing mothers require up to 3 cups of water per day more.

8) When cells in the body are under-hydrated, they are more susceptible to disease and chemical imbalances.

7) Consuming 5 glasses of water a day has been found to reduce chances of cancer up to 79%.

6) Drinking water can help to maintain brain health and can relieve a headache.

5) Drinking water can help to burn more calories by increasing metabolism.

4) Water can help to avoid constipation and helps to take harmful substances out of the body through defecation, urination, and perspiration.

3) Beverages and alcohol make us lose water rather than supply water.

2) Sufficient hydration of the body helps to keep sufficient levels of oxygen which can lead to efficient fat burning and higher energy levels.

1) Higher protein or higher fibre diets can require more water consumption.

Video credit: list25, “25 Facts About Water In The Body That May Have An Impact On Your Health” January 5, 2016, via YouTube.

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