Thanksgiving in academia

Dear All,
The Latin proverb (pronounced as [ˈɡraː.ti.a   ˈɡraː   ˈpa.rit]) above can be translated as “grace gives birth to grace” or “kindness begets kindness”.

Today is the second Monday of October which means that some people celebrate Thanksgiving. In this connection it is interesting to reflect on Thanksgiving in academia. Is there place for thanksgiving in academia? How to do it?

Well, it is for a purpose that this blog starts with this Latin proverb. There should always be room for grace/kindness anywhere. Why? Because this is how the like attitude is solicited. Academia is no exception; in fact academia may be the place where it is needed even more than in some other places since this is the place where learning happens and students who are taught kindness will hand over this same thing to other people whom they meet on their professional and academic way. Moreover, academia should not be the place where a particular discipline or X number of disciplines are taught only, but rather a place where people obtain classical higher education which includes the ability to interact with others in a variety of contexts including professional environment and academia. Therefore, yes, there is place for thanksgiving in academia.

How to do it? Thanksgiving was born as a sincere desire of people to thank God for what they have (indeed, each of us has something to be thankful for). Therefore, the most natural thing on this day can be a prayer. If you attend a Christian institution, you probably do not need to worry as to how to organize this since it is likely already included in the list of the events planned at your institution for this day.

Another thing that comes to mind in connection with Thanksgiving in academia is thanking your prof or your students: your professor for preparing interesting materials for classes and for caring for each individual student; your students for taking interest in your class and working hard to succeed in the discipline.

How about family? Yes, our family and friends are usually our greatest support on our academic way and they definitely deserve a word of gratitude.

Have you been (or still are) a student or a professor – what do you do for Thanksgiving? How would you like to celebrate it in the academic context? Is it a good idea to celebrate Thanksgiving in academia? Why?

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank your for reading this blog and sharing your ideas!

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  1. One of the things that I like to do for Thanksgiving in my language courses is to discuss how Thanksgiving is celebrated across the globe. It gives new ideas as to some ways in which one can display sincere gratitude. Students also enjoy sharing their ideas or experiences in this connection.

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