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Value, respect, liking, and acceptance

For unless the teacher values, respects, likes, and accepts him/herself, he or she cannot reach out to value, respect, like, and accept the students; unless the teacher has a high opinion of him/herself, he or she cannot have a high opinion of the students; unless a teacher is sensitive to him/herself, he or she cannot …

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Gossip – Rumour

Dear All, If you are learning or teaching English, it may be interesting to compare the following two words: “gossip” and “rumour”. According the Oxford Dictionary, gossip (Ukr. “плітки“) is 1. “Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true” (OD, 2016):  He is a nice …

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Screenshot: BibleQuote6 software Dear All, If you are doing research on different versions of the Bible or if you need to find particular words (e.g. to compare their frequency, word form, etc.) in a given version, the following software may be of use: New links: 1) Bible Quote for Android devices 2) Bible Quote on …

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