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Chronemics: monochronic and polychronic cultures

Dear All, Today I would like to discuss two concepts: “monochronic culture” vs “polychronic culture”; both concepts are pertinent to chronemics (see “Types of nonverbal communication” post for the definition). Studying various aspects of interpersonal communication, famous anthropologist Edward T. Hall (1959; 1976) noticed that English has such expressions as “time is money” and “to waste …

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Types of nonverbal communication

Image credit: European Parliament, “EP Journalism Prize 2011 winners are from France, Italy, Finland and Germany” October 19, 2011, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Nonverbal means of communication (NMC) have recently come to attention of linguists, anthropologists, psychologists, communication and discourse studies scholars. It is now a widely admitted fact that they play an important …

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