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Dear All, We have already discussed the APPRAISAL-ENGAGEMENT framework for the analysis of verbal texts. However, not all texts consist of verbal content only. In addition to the verbal mode, the visual mode is also often enabled in modern texts. Visual texts, however, do not function in the same way as verbal texts. For example, …

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The ENGAGEMENT resource of APPRAISAL (Martin & White, 2005, p. 134) Dear all, Today I would like to focus on one of the resources of APPRAISAL in more detail. Namely, I would like to speak about ENGAGEMENT. The ENGAGEMENT resource is “directed towards identifying the particular dialogic positioning associated with given meanings and towards describing …

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APPRAISAL framework: Evaluations in language

APPRAISAL resources (Martin & White, 2005) Dear All, Today I would like to speak about the APPRAISAL framework (aka “APPRAISAL system”, “APPRAISAL theory”). Using the overarching framework of systemic functional linguistics (SFL), Martin and White (2005) developed an elaborate system allowing linguistic analysis of a text from the perspective of the evaluative properties of this …

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