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Similar flags

Dear All, This post looks into some similar flags of the world. Some of the flags are less similar than others. At the same time it may be interesting to compare them and in this way to avoid confusion. The flags below are posted in the alphabetical order. Australian – New Zealand: Bangladeshi – Japanese …

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Flags: Canada

Dear All, July 1 is Canada Day. It is a national holiday in Canada which is celebrated by Canadians in Canada and abroad as well as tourists in Canada. One of the main attributes of this holiday is the Canadian flag. Its official name is “The National Flag of Canada”. The central part of the …

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Flags: Ukraine

Dear All, When we travel to different countries it is sometimes difficult to find something to speak about with the local people. One of the things that attracts my attention and seems to be an interesting to discuss is the meaning behind the national flag. On BLOG|ON|LINGUISTICS, I am going to start with two flags …

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