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Structure of linguisitcs

Image credit: Aucasin, “Branches indo-européen” September 13, 2015, via Wikimedia Commons, (CC BY-SA 4.0). Dear All: This post continues exploring what linguistics (L.) is. This post is going to focus on the branches of of L. which do study language, but are not directly focused on a particular structural level of language. Depending on what …

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X-bar theory = X-bar syntax

X-bar theory (= X-bar syntax) is a linguistic postulate according to which all phrases and sentences in languages are structured according to a certain (syntactic) model; this model can be made explicit through a linguistic analysis and consequently can be depicted graphically with the help of strictly hierarchical diagrams. The X-bar theory was developed within …

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Generative grammar

Video credit: The Virtual Linguistics Campus, “Syntax – Generative Grammar” March 19, 2012, via YouTube. Generative grammar is an approach to study of syntax which attempts to elaborate some general (hence generative) or overarching rules which may accurately predict possible combinations of words [i.e. syntactic structures] used by native speakers of this language to form …

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