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Good ethnographic technique

[…] one good ethnographic technique for getting at speech events, as at other categories, is through words which name them (Hymes, 1962, p. 110). According to Hymes (1962), it is possible to get at speech events through the analysis of words used to name them. In other words, by analyzing the words and expressions as …

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and language

Video credit: Chris I-B, “Ladder Climbing with Robot’s POV” July 30, 2013, via YouTube. This video depicts a robot that can walk and climb a ladder. In robotics, it is believed that making robots walk similar to humans is one of the most challenging tasks. Scientists, however, seem to be making progress in this respect, …

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SPEAKING model (D. Hymes)

Dear All, Today, I would like to discuss with you famous anthropologist and linguist Dell Hymes’ SPEAKING model (1974). According to Hymes, a speech situation can only be understood if not only linguistic, but also other aspects are taken into consideration, such as: the setting of the communication, its goals, and the information about the …

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