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Love language

Video credit: Vanessa Van Edwards, “What’s Your Love Language?” October 16, 2014, via YouTube. Dear All, In this video, Vanessa Van Edwards speaks about “love language”. “Love language” is defined as how we express our love and affection; and how we feel most loved and respected. According to the presenter, there exist five “love languages”: …

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Albert Mehrabian

To follow up on the previous post, I would like to recommend one of my favourite books by Mehrabian, below is the reference: Mehrabian, A. (1981). Silent messages: Implicit communication of emotions and attitudes (2nd ed.). Belmont: Wadsworth. There is also an interesting interview with the scholar which can be accessed via the following link: …

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The importance of nonverbal means of communication

My interest in nonverbal means of communication began with the acquaintance of the research by Albert Mehrabian [mǝ ‘rӕ biǝn]1. He is a famous scholar who works in the field of Psychology and lives in the US. Interestingly, Mehrabian managed to prove experimentally that nonverbal means of communication are responsible for up to 93% of …

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