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Theory of linguistic relativity (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis)

Video credit: Samantha Zucker, “Introduction to Linguistic Relativity” May 23, 2012, via Vimeo. Please note that the following terms are used as synonyms: Theory of linguistic relativity Principle of linguistic relativity Linguistic relativity Sapir-Whorf hypothesis The weak version of Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (as compared to linguistic determinism or the strong version of the hypothesis) Similar posts: …

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Nonverbal: Allan Pease

Video credit: brescaed, “ALLAN PEASE – BODY LANGUAGE” June 18, 2007, via YouTube. This video features an Australian scholar and public speaker Allan Pease who is delivering one of his presentations. Pease has been active in both scholarly research and public presentations. Iaroslav

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