Ukrainian: Topical vocabulary+audio

St-Michael's-Monastery-UkraineImage credit: Jean & Nathalie’s photostream, “Kyiv: St. Michael’s Monastery” July 27, 2008, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Dear All,
If you are learning Ukrainian or would like to do so, this resource may be of use:

This website provides many different words in Ukrainian. These words are categorized by topic such as “Family”, “Plants”, “Work, business, office”, etc. All the words are written in Ukrainian and are pronounced (audio) by a native speaker of Ukrainian (I recommend using such browsers as Chrome or Firefox for this website because Internet Explorer tries to download the audio file every time you click on it instead of just playing it). In addition to this, each Ukrainian word is accompanied by an English transcription which makes it easier to learn the pronunciation of these words. For “visual” learners, the website has a picture for every word. For example, under the topic “Plants”, there is a word “квітка“; right beside users can see its English transcription and translation and they can also click on the loudspeaker button to hear its pronunciation or the image button to see the picture of a flower.

The advantage of the website is that it has native Ukrainian pronunciation for the words and a corresponding picture. What is important, this resource has a collection of popular topics which may be of use in everyday life, studies, and work. Furthermore, the website is user-friendly. The disadvantage of this resource is that it does not provide any grammar explanations and does not systematize the material except for dividing it into topics. This means that learners can use it as an additional resource rather than the main or the only resource for learning. Those people who would like to learn Ukrainian systematically need to find a tutor, take a course in Ukrainian or find other resources such as text-books and study guides in Ukrainian. Nonetheless, both students and instructors of Ukrainian may find this website useful.


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